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Tyrek Coger dies during workout with Oklahoma State

In one of the saddest and most recent death in the world of athletics, star forward for Oklahoma State Tyrek Coger died after an extensive workout in a very hot gym. Oklahoma State basketball coach Brad Underwood gave an extremely emotional statement about the incident, saying “This is the…

N. Carolina wins over Maryland in NCAA lacrosse championship

Oklahoma wins at NCAA gymnastic championship

Three NCAA teams to watch in College Football Playoffs 2017

A winning season for the Stanford Cardinals

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How did Tiger Woods do at the Riviera Country Club in February 2018?

Lorie Kane inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame 

Jason Day Decides to Skip the Olympics this Year

What happened to Spieth at the Masters?

Rio de Janeiro's new Olympic golf course

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Alex Biega signs 2-year extension

The Vancouver Canucks defied expectations when they skipped moving any of their top defensemen at the trade deadline. They did something that was totally expected of them and that was handing out a two-year extension to Alex Biega so they don't have to deal with him hitting the open market come…

Bob Watson, former Yankee’s GM battling kidney failure

Two years ago, the New York Yankees had a twenty-year anniversary celebration of the 1996 team. The 70-year-old Bob Watson, who was the GM responsible for building the team that finally netted the Yankees their first World Series since 1978, was surprisingly not there. New York Daily News…

Pelé the greatest ever soccer player

Whether you call it futbol, football, or soccer, the sport has a huge following. In 2007, FIFA released the fact that there are 270 million people actively taking part in the game and many more watching. Within the incredibly popular and widespread sport, you may have heard the (deserved) praise of players like Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Dani Alves, and Cristiano Ronaldo, but there’s a much older name that may not mean as much to newer fans. A name deserving of much more recognition and praise is Pelé.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pelé, was born October 23, 1940. 

You might’ve heard the name Pelé mentioned by young players in recent years. A.J. Styles used the name in reference to his finisher on Total Nonstop Action (TNA), but the man behind the name is much more than this. Pelé, the Brazilian forward/aggressive midfielder, was the greatest soccer player to ever lace up a pair of cleats.

Pelé started his career in an international match between his team, Brazil, and Argentina. At 16, an extremely young Pelé took to the field and scored the only goal. This feat alone was remarkable and his name and skills have extended to legend.

Pelé went on to dominate world class competition his entire career, both early in his youth, and late into his career. His last game was on July 18, 1991. His most notable moments range from remarkable headers, flawless volleys, or pinpoint accurate passes when they counted the most. He led the Brazilian squad to numerous monumental achievements. The Brazilian team repeatedly dominated of the World Cup, a tournament for which Pelé won awards including the Golden Ball, which is given to the best player in the tournament. Pelé earned the award for FIFA’s ‘Football Player of the Century, sharing the achievement with Argentine legend Diego Maradona. In 1999, the IOC elected Pelé ‘Athlete of the Century’. In 2013, he was named the global icon of football by FIFA to recognize his exceptional career in football.
Pelé was exquisite is his ability to skirt past defenders seamlessly, leaving piles of dust and confused faces in his wake. The Brazilian demigod receives a fair share of praise even today, years after his retirement in 1991. Pelé retains his position as one of (if not) the very best player to ever grace the sport.

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Unexpected loss for Koe’s curling team at Pyeongchang

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Canada left the winter Olympics in PyeongChang without a medal in both men and or women curling. Kevin Koe‘s rink lost 7-5 to Switzerland in the bronze-medal game. For team Koe, the score was their second loss of the competition to Switzerland. On Day 14,…

The one and only cross-country skier from Tonga at the Olympics

Who is Chris Wood?

What to know about Andre de Grasse and Eric Lamaze

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Five Exciting Plays during the College World Series Baseball 2016

The College World Series is one of the most exciting tournaments in the world today. The teams compete fiercely to get the top position. To better understand and enjoy watching this sport, it is recommended to learn about the teams. Here are five exciting plays during the College World Series 2016.…

NCAA Div. II awards grants for ethnic minorities & women

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NYU baseball player makes it to the MLB draft - 1st in 40 years

In this year’s amateur MLB draft, catcher CJ Picerni became the first player in 40 years to be drafted out of New York University. The Washington Nationals drafted him in the 31st round, with the 934th pick overall. The last player to be drafted from this prestigious university was Kevin…

Athletic Scholarships

Three athletic college scholarships for high school students

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N. Carolina wins over Maryland in NCAA lacrosse championship

After 24 years without winning a lacrosse championship, the North Carolina Tar Heels won over the Maryland Terrapins with a 14-13 score in overtime. The game was led by Sophomore Chris Cloutier on the N. Carolina side as he scored five goals, including the winning fourteenth one. Luke Goldstock made…

Oklahoma wins at NCAA gymnastic championship

The world of gymnastics is more exciting than ever before. You would agree if you had watched this year’s NCAA championship. Many talented college athletes competed in front of record crowds. Gymnastics is still one of the favorite sports of the world. Oklahoma was one of the favorite teams…

Three NCAA teams to watch in College Football Playoffs 2017

The new playoffs format for the NCAA Football Championships has added a whole new level of excitement to the sport. 2016 saw Clemson beat Oklahoma and Alabama beat Michigan State in the Semifinals, with Alabama beating Clemson 45 to 40 for the National Championship at the University of Phoenix…

A winning season for the Stanford Cardinals

Here is a brief but triumphant outline of the Stanford Cardinals, representing Stanford University. Oct 2015: The Stanford Cardinals beat UCLA in a dominating 56-35 win at Stanford Stadium. The sophomore of Castle Rock, Christian McCaffrey, had a record night in the win by running for 369 yards and…

NCAA Women’s Volleyball: Nebraska wins national title

If you think women are not good in sports, you need to look at the volleyball national championship for this year. 2015 was a great year for sports in general, but what’s even better is that women finally got the place that they deserve in the world of sports. The Nebraska women’s…

McElwain, a new Florida coach is ready for the offence

Jim McElwain is a new Florida coach. He said that he is ready for new battles and offensive that should bring results. Gator fans are hoping that this will be true. A former Florida coach and player, rubs off on Jim McElwain. You should know that he came to Florida after 3 successful seasons at the…